IMG_0080.JPG Can there be too much fertility in the soil? Yes there can be too much nitrogen but that is only a problem if it is soluble and seeps into the ground water or runs off into drainage channels. Our soils are building organic matter and that is where the great fertility of the pasture and the chickens poop is stored. Our organic soil is like a sponge and ever since our first year on this farm in 1997 no water has left the farm, it was all absorbed by the soil. Many critics of organic farming say we cannot grow the crops needed to feed the world. Well they need to see our fields, our problem now is that the cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli heads and eggs are too large. Plant growth is dependent on sunlight, water and fertility easily available to the roots. We have all those in abundance so now we have to plant closer. This will make the plants compete more for the available nutrients, sunshine and water. It is a great problem to have as many organic farmers have to space out their plants so as to share the nutrients. The large size of the eggs is due to the extra protein that the chickens are getting from the lush clover we have in the pastures this year. We have been able to promote this by keeping the pastures irrigated all through the summer.