IMG_7074.JPG Agustin is holding two young hens that are just over two months old. They are a cross between White Rock and Rhode Island Red. They are bred to lay eggs only. The males just do not have any meat on them compared to the Cornish Cross that we find in the Grocery Store for roasting chickens. Once our chickens have passed their useful laying life the are processed into chicken stock. As they have spent their life on organic pasture eating grass and organic feed that turns into some pretty amazing stock/broth. I am often asked how much salt we add, the answer is zero. The stock has a high mineral content and flavor, no need to add salt. This is powerful food, nutrient dense. It is wonderful if you are ill and we give some to cancer patients. My doctor in Woodland was amazed at how strong my bones are after having Multiple Myeloma. I said to him “the drugs must be working” he replied, ‘’with all the great food you eat’’. Agustin is totally responsible for the chickens, he comes to me with questions when he needs help. I am often given the credit for the eggs but that is misplaced as he does all the work. It is his care and attention to detail that makes the difference. Next time you are on the farm look out for him in his red pick up truck.