IMG_7420.JPG There is nothing unusual about droughts in California. It is normal and cyclical to have four to five year periods with little rain. When we were looking for land to buy water was a very big issue. We wanted first class soil but also a well and an irrigation canal, two sources of water. The farm realtor laughed when I drew an area on the local map where we wanted to buy. He said “no one in the right mind sells land there”. The price was about 30% more than comparable quality land in the Capay Valley where lots of organic farmers live. Being closer to the Bay Area and schools in Davis was also a plus. The Reservoir that serves our canal, by gravity, is Lake Berryessa. This has a large catchment area between us and the Napa Valley. The dam holds back three years supply of water which is even better. Currently the Reservoir is at 70% capacity which means we will get all the water we need this year and if it does not rain next year there may be some restrictions. I was speaking with a Farmer at the market last saturday he is part of a two year reservoir meaning he can get all the water he needs this year but there will be none left if it does not rain next winter. He is voting for 50% this year saving the same for the following year. Our well could supply all that we need also.