A few weeks ago one of our wonderful hosts posted on FB to her group a question, why weren’t more people supportive of CSA’s?  Some people responded they do much of their shopping at their local farmers market thereby supporting several of their local farmers and not just one, a very legitimate and excellent reason.  Most thought is was not convenient and they were afraid of getting too many items they weren’t familiar with or didn’t like or want and would repeat too much throughout the season.  In today’s world those are all, by normal standards, good reasons, but is the norm really working for us?  I look around our “neighborhood” and see field after field converting to walnut orchard.  I love walnuts and certainly consider them an excellent food source, but they are pretty long term and can we live on walnuts alone - certainly not.  Land prices are going up because of it and it is impossible to get even if you can afford it.  The walnuts are sold all over the world.  Much of California’s farm land has been developed over, lost to us forever.  So I wonder if this keeps up, where will our food come from?  Already so much is imported from all over the world, but how safe are those foods, and as fuel prices go up how affordable will they be in the next 10 years?  In the meantime we are losing farmers, farms and land.  Your commitment to our farm, or any other true, local CSA people is really so much more than just your desire for quality fresh food.  You are playing an extremely important role in maintaining a farm in your local food-shed, really contributing to food security. As crazy and drastic as this may sound it is vital, particularly now with extreme drought conditions. This comes after we had extreme cold conditions, and you know there will be something else, because there always is. But you stick with it, because that is what it is all about when you eat real food, that comes from your area and you have your own farm.  And that my friends is the true spirit of CSA - community supporting agriculture!  Cheers - Lorraine