IMG_1830.JPG (Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life. If you have any particularly good storage tips please let me know so that I can share with everyone.) Coming soon.. Artichokes Romaine or Red Leaf Lettuce:  Store in the crisper in a plastic bag. Spinach: If you have not had our spinach before please leave it in the bag and only take out what you need. Wash it and I know it takes longer than other spinach to clean but once you taste it you will be a convert. We have three varieties, Polar Bear, Pelican and Crocodile. Store in the crisper. Collard Greens:  We seed these directly into a bed with twelve rows side by side. The leaves are smaller than some but very fresh and tender. Collard plants that are big and have been picked all winter are just not the same. Store in the crisper. Tarragon:  Our herb garden that was partly replanted last year is starting to establish well and pick.  Store in the crisper Arugula:  A great addition to salads and makes a great pesto too. The leaves have had a few ‘visitors’ in the past hence  some tiny holes. Store in the crisper Green Garlic: Your skillet has a little olive oil in it to which you add finely chopped green garlic. after a few minutes stir in some of our eggs and salt. Serve over nicely butter hot toast. Store in the crisper Tat soi: I was told by my visitor we grow only Japanese and Northern Chinese Asian vegetables here on the farm. Poor mans food was also mentioned. Well there is nothing wrong in my book with healthy peasant food. it is what Weston A Price and Slow Food are all about. Store in the crisper. Savoy Cabbage: Often this is referred to as the King of Cabbages. Lightly steamed it is a delicious side. Some people use it to wrap other veg or meat. I have had market customers even buy it to paint. Store in the crisper. Sweet Potatoes: These delicious oranges fleshed beauties are certified organic and brought to you by our sweet potato connection Chris Estrada. He grows the cuttings for us to plant in the late spring. These are grown by David Theodore and packed by STS farms in Turlock. Store in a warm dark place. Use within two weeks as they have been washed. Jumbo Flame Raisins: These are organically grown by Capay Canyon Ranch in Esparto just 30 miles north of of the farm. They are dried and then rehydrated with a little organic sunflower oil. There is no fruit from Twin Girls as they lost most of their crop to the freeze. This is a big loss to the family farmers but also to everyone who works for them who now has nothing to do. I have located a source of navel oranges which were picked before the freeze and hope to have some for your box next week. Thank you for your support on out journey to a more sustainable food production farm…. Nigel Ice Cream Anyone? Our Ice cream truck which we own with farm members Roma and Jamie is available for hire for your family or office event. You can choose the ice cream menu items. For more information please go to or call Roma 415 713 0270