All important decisions here at Eatwell are made sitting around our kitchen table, and if it involves me, then they are made when I am not here!  We’ve been talking a lot about how we can improve your experience with your Eatwell Share and one big concern has been waste.  So we are working on a new system for recipes and menu suggestions to help you work with what is in the box, striving for zero waste.  This means mostly a change in how I do the recipes, working with Nigel and Jose in the planning of what goes into the box.  We are still working on logistics, but I thought I would give it a little practice this week.  Between suggestions and recipes, if you cook everything mentioned here you will have used everything in this week’s box.  So here are a few suggestions for a couple of the items, followed by some recipes for everything else. Raisins: We keep a bowl full out on the counter to snack on during the day.  Raisins are delicious in oatmeal and even better and healthier if you soak your oats with the raisins over night.

Cabbage: Make a simple slaw with the cabbage.  Just shred your cabbage and add your own favorite style of slaw dressing, i.e. sour cream or yogurt with salt and pepper work if you want to keep it really simple, and add some raisins to give it a bit of sweetness.  You will be happy to have a ready to grab fresh and crunchy veg dish just waiting for you in the fridge. One of this week’s recipes is Shanghai Noodles with Bock Choy and Chicken.  I used leftover roast  chicken, so I would recommend either roasting your own chicken or if you are pressed for time pick up a roasted Rocky Chicken from the grocery store.  Enjoy a Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato/Kale Salad (Below) or with Slaw one night and with your leftovers make the noodle dish. Even though we had the Sweet Potato/Kale Salad with the Lettuce/Arugula/Spinach Soup (Below), I would have loved it (probably even more) with some really good fresh, crunchy bread and loads