Listed in order of use.The recipes in the newsletter will help you use everything in your box this week, no waste.

Lettuce... Cut and bagged without washing. Take out what you need wash it and return the rest to the crisper. Members report the lettuce stays fresh like this for ten days.

Crocodile Spinach... Sown in November and amazingly delicious. A big bag full today. Again just take out what you need and wash it several times. This is not the same as the flat leaf spinach in the stores.

Cilantro... The freeze in December should have toasted these plants but they made it. Now we have this delicious herb for your table. Keep in the crisper.

Red Russian Kale... Nice and red after many cold nights. The flavor is enhanced the colder it gets. Store in the crisper.

Florence Fennel... The freeze did get the fennel but it regrew. Not as pretty as normal but tasty.

Sugar Snap Pea Shoots... I think this is the first time for this vegetable. The peas have germinated very well so now it is time to thin the plants. Store in the crisper in a plastic bag.

Rosemary and Bay leaves... Your herb bag today has a few sprigs of rosemary and two Bay leaves for the recipes.

Green garlic... A very nice crop, thick and flavorful stems. Do not cook it too long as the favor is delicate.

Carrots (Terra Firma)... Tasty carrots from Los Pablos in Winters.

Leeks... Baby leeks for most people in their boxes. We have sold so many leeks this year! Keep in the crisper.

Green Cabbage... Keep in the crisper and wrap after you cut it in half.

Dried peaches ( Good Humus)... If you thought the raisins were great wait until you taste these.

As always everything certified