Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu - Serves 6

4 to 6 medium Tomatoes, Shady Lady or Romas medium sized slightly underripe
Organic Rapeseed Oil or another good Organic light Oil
Organic Soy Sauce
Organic Rice Vinegar
*Several Chives (or a couple of thin scallions), cut into fine rounds
10 Shiso leaves, cut into threads

Right before serving your meal, core the tomatoes and slice into 6 thick wedges.  Arrange tomato wedges on a plate.  Drizzle with a little oil, followed by soy sauce, and finish with a few drops of vinegar (this is a light dressing that just kisses the tomatoes and is not meant to drench them or overpower their innate tomato-ness).  Sprinkle with the chopped chives and strew with the shiso threads.  Serve immediately.  *Since the onions are so fresh I would try chopping the tenderest parts of the onion green, very finely and using those instead of chives.  I don’t believe the shiso leaves are absolutely essential to the recipe, although I know they would impart a nice flavor, but I also realize most of us don’t have easy access to them.  If you do, fantastic, if not, I am sure the salad will be very enjoyable without them.