In the greenhouse last week I planted some chestnut seed that I was given by a farmer in Vacaville. These trees will go into our alley cropping rows. They will not produce for more than ten years so I figured I’d plant the seed asap. I also bought more tree seeds to plant but have to keep them cold and moist for a couple of months to stimulate germination.
Ramon and Roberto are very busy preparing beds for the final seed plantings of the year over the next few weeks. We have some more drip lines to pick up but I have to buy more reels onto which we will wind it all up.
In the orchard the citrus is starting to turn from green to orange or yellow depending on the fruit. This all happens due to cold. In the tropics, oranges are ripe and green. Often organic oranges do not fully turn and you see some green. They are still ripe and ready though. Many chemically grown oranges are sprayed with a herbicide to remove any green color.

The seville oranges are just starting to turn orange.