With thanksgiving around the corner and it is cold and raining while I write this thoughts are about great stock/broth. 

Our chickens live out on pasture from the time the leave the brooder house until the days when they do not lay enough egg per week to pay for their organic feed. At the present time this is 18 months but will increase to 30 or 42 months with the new heritage dual purpose flock.  

They are processed into great broth for us at a fully USDA inspected facility.  Nothing is added, just cooked for 2+ hours strained and put into the containers.  

We have this broth available on special for one time orders (no recurring subscriptions) on our member webstore, at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays and at our Harvest Market at The Second Act Marketplace in the Haight this Sunday.  

Limited quantities are available.   


Frozen broth keeps two weeks in the refrigerator defrosted.