The sheep not only love eating the pasture but seem to revel in the remains of the butternut squash too. Normally we would take the more through the field and shred the crop remains.  I like the idea of just moving some electric fence and then letting the sheep do the work, saving tractor time and diesel.
This pasture is another experiment based on a talk we heard at permaculture Voices last March by Elaine Ingham. She was very persuasive about growing low profile perennial cover crops. So we purchased a mix and will see which of the plants come up and do well as we learn more about this interesting idea.
We have leeks in your special Thanksgiving box this week. These were planted by us and hoed only with the tractor finger weeder. This crop was an expensive one to grow in the past with all the hoeing. The final planting of fennel is to the right in the picture.