I have rarely been politically active with the main exception being prop 2 on the space chickens have in cages. A long time ago it was stressed to me how important it is to spend the money that I control wisely. I really believe we have to support causes we are passionate about and one of the ways is with you hard earned money. 

For me building a house for our family was a great example. Firstly the budget was small so it had to be something relatively simple that I could construct. We looked for many months and eventually decided on our earth covered house. This saves us energy throughout the year and even though it used concrete is is considered green. More on this in a later article. 

Members at times have said they do feel powerless in theses turbulent times.  I reply that their support of Eatwell Farm speaks loudly and the money is used wisely directly on the farm and with the people who supply what we need such as organic seeds.  

During the holidays please consider gift subscriptions or donate one for our care share program for those in dire need but not able to afford a share.  

Many of our lavender and salt gifts make inexpensive hostess gifts or stocking fillers. Co workers love the salts. We have some gift boxes with three or six and a box with massage balm, essential oil etc. I will be posting these on the webstore to have delivered with your next box later today and on the website store from where we can ship it priority mail for you. 

The money from the lavender sales helps us with projects on the farm. 

As always you support of the journey we are on at Eatwell Farm is very much appreciated.  

Nigel and family