This week we have some great feedback from Robin over at Hog & Rocks, a delicious restaurant you NEED to go try, immediately.


"Hey Cameron,

I loved the chickens, they were awesome. Not the most ideal birds, and I don’t know that this is the right venue for them but I enjoyed getting to play with them. The dark meat was super tasty. I roasted a whole bird first to see what the bird would be like. it did not stand up to that. Tooooo lean, and too many differences in meat textures between light and dark. It was just a good test to see what I was working with. So for the next one. we broke them down and treated each musle individually. The breasts we just pan fried med rare. SOooo tasty. braised the rest in a rich stock, also amazing. Not sure how to alter inter muscular fats but more of it would be nice. The other thought is to harvest earlier? maybe produce a more tender bird. Not sure. Thanks again, and Im curious to see what others thought.

Robin Song"

Thanks Robin!