Most of you were with us during my cancer treatment 27 months ago. The cancer I have is multiple myeloma, it is chronic disease which has come back.
I wanted to let you all know because, as I am now into my second week of treatment, I am getting very behind on emails and messages. I want to let you know we're interviewing help and will be back on top of everything soon.
I am under the care of my original oncologist at UCSF medical center, Dr Martin. He knows how it important it is to me to get back to work as he has an Eatwell Farm member on his team. I am getting all my treatment locally in Woodland and Sacramento.
During this time the farm is under the very professional care of Jose and the farm crew.
My amazing wife, Lorraine, my family and the farm crew will make sure everything runs smoothly. This will be a difficult and expensive time but with your continued support we will get through this. If you have any friends who should be eating our great food please encourage them to join. Bring them along to one of our strawberry days. I have increased the attendance limit to 400 and the number you can bring to 20 so load up the cars and show everyone where your food is grown. This year there will be a small charge to make your reservation which will help us defray the cost of running these events. I hope very much to be at every event. Invites coming soon.
This Saturday I will be at the farmers market cooking frittata and talking about how we produce the eggs. I will have goslings and some of our breeding flock chicks too.
My glass is always overflowing so rest assured that I will get though this.
Thank you all so very much