Mix the lettuce and arugula for your salads.  It will add a variety of flavor.  Last night at the restaurant at Harbin we had a Basil Caesar Salad.  It was delicious, and I realized I seldom think to chop basil and toss it into a salad, but I will now.  To add texture to a simple salad, grate some raw turnips on the top and add some toasted nuts.  For a little sweetness, and if you have a grill pan, heat it to very hot, brush with good oil and quickly cook halved apricots until you have lovely grill marks.  Make your own salad dressing and use any and all of the herbs you have or have not yet used.  Keep it simple and fresh You will enjoy it so much more than store bought!

1 bunch fresh Arugula, washed and thick stems removed  1 cup Pearl Barley
2 cups Water or Eatwell Chicken Stock or Vegetable Stock
2 Stalks Spring Garlic, minced       1 TB Balsamic Vinegar
2 TB Olive Oil       1 tsp prepared Mustard
1/2 tsp dried Thyme       1/2 tsp Salt

Cook the barley in the water or stock.  In a bowl, mix together one stalk minced garlic with the next five ingredients.  Toss the cooked barley into this mixture until coated.  Briefly sauté the other stalk garlic.  Add the arugula and sauté until the greens have just barely wilted roughly 10 seconds, then add to the barley mixture.  Dish out the mixture and top.