Here at Eatwell it is “Kartoffel Zeit”, potato season.  The potatoes have come in plentiful and oh so delicious.  When I was a little girl, my Mother would buy special yellow potatoes. She would simply boil them gently and eat them straight from the pot with butter.  Those potatoes weren’t as good as what she grew up with in Germany, but it was the best we had back in the 60’s and early 70’s.  Today I find myself gently boiling our potatoes and eating them simply with butter - such a treat!  One of my favorite potato dishes was served at a Hungarian restaurant in Ghiradelli Square back in the ‘old’ days.  It is a hearty dish and I don’t think I have ever served it and not had rave reviews.  It just is so satisfying.  You can make this recipe with or without meat, or use vegetarian sausage.  The original calls for “csabai” which is a Hungarian sausage, I was always told you use Hungarian style Salami, not something I have readily available to me, so I used what I have in the house, bacon.