From A Seasonal Cook in Turkey Serves 6

I was really excited to find this blog and this recipe.  Purslane is most often consider a weed, but it is very hight in Omega 3’s and Vitamin C, apparently it is quite the powerhouse of nutrition.  It is growing like a weed right next to the row of lettuce.  We did not plant this purslane, so I suppose you could call it a weed.  I think it is really delicious, described as lemony and peppery.  Hope you enjoy it!


1 bunch Purslane

1-2 Tomatoes

A handful coarsely chopped Walnuts


Olive Oil


Trim the bunch of purslane, discarding the thicker stalks, and put the leaves in a colander.  Wash and then drain carefully.  Place on a tea towel to catch the remaining moisture.  Wash the tomatoes and halve.  Roughly grate each half onto a plate.  Arrange the purslane on a serving plate and chop roughly so the at the leaves aren’t too big.  Scatter the tomato pieces over it and drizzle with olive oil.  Sprinkle with salt to taste.  Follow by adding the chopped walnuts down the center and then sprinkle the sumac on top.  I think a little bit of feta on top would be perfect.