Last Friday we rented this back hoe to help us dig a trench to install a feeder pipe from our canal water inlet to the storage pond in front of the house. The soil for the house came from this pond, and it keeps the farmhouse cool in summer and warm in winter.
Jason operated the backhoe for us. The pipe we will install is 15” in diameter, and it will take any water from the canal that we do not use in the vegetable fields and store it in the pond. The ducks will live in the pond and will eat all the vegetation that grows in it together with the feed we provide. They’ll produce wonderful, rich duck eggs for all of us to enjoy.
Their poop will help seal the pond and stop it from leaking. The leak is a problem that could be solved with a $15,000 plastic liner which is a terrible waste of money. Why not let the ducks do it?