From Lorraine's Eatwell Farmhouse Kitchen...

Shred or cube any leftover chicken you have OR cook up some chicken breast. Allow it to cool, then bone, skin and shred it. I always buy chicken with bone and skin because that is where the flavor is and if I am not using bone or skin in a recipe I throw it into a pot with some of our stock or even just water and cook it down to use later.

Mayonnaise - Use enough mayo to moisten the salad to the way you like it.  Start with one spoonful and add more until you have it the way you like it

Salt and Pepper - again to taste

Chopped fresh Tarragon - chop it up fairly fine, again start with a small amount and add more until you have it the way you like it

Chopped Radishes, Fennel and or Turnips - add as much or little or not at all, I like crunch in my chicken salad

Slivered Almonds or Toasted Walnuts 

Lemon Zest to taste

Shred or cube your chicken.  Mix in the mayo, salt and pepper, chopped tarragon and mix well.  Add the radishes, turnips, nuts if you like any of those, and then the lemon zest, again mix well.  Best to let it sit a while before enjoying to allow the flavors to marry.