The tomato crop is getting into full swing which means that we will have lots of cosmetically challenged tomatoes. For seven years now we have had parties every year for members to make sauce on the farm. We pick the tomatoes, you bring pots, a cooking stove and lots of jars. I will show those who want it how I make sauce. It is easy and so much fun. There will be lots of time to relax and enjoy your picnic and Pims. There is something really fun about cooking as a community. We learn from each other and share the bounty of the farm. The tomatoes are free, and the reservation charge is just to help with the expenses of running events like this.
This is a sleepover so bring your tent, and on Sunday morning we will provide a great breakfast and tour of the farm with opportunities to pick strawberries and mulberries. Check your email inbox for an email from Eatwell Farm with event details and the link to purchase tickets.