Or rather extra items, we have lots of them, but most exciting is the return of our flour, 

freshly milled from our heirloom varieties of wheat. If you have tried the Eatwell whole 

wheat heirloom flours you know how fantastic they are. If you are anything like I was, 

you never liked whole wheat flour and if that is the case I ask you to give this a try, it is a 

world apart from store bought whole wheat flour! Much lighter, the flavor is fantastic and 

because they are freshly milled the flour is not rancid like most of what we buy in the 

stores. Freshly milled also mean superior nutritional value, heirloom means it is a much 

different product than modern hybridized varieties, so for those of you who experience a 

little sensitivity to wheat (I am not talking allergies or anything serious) you might 

consider giving our heirloom flours a try. Oh and did I mention how delicious they are? 

Extra items are easy to order, just log into your CSA account and click on the link “shop 

for add-ons now”, the list showing all the different categories of items that we offer will 

pop up. To inspire you with a recipe using our flour I am including one sent to me by 

CSA member Heather R.