Any time we make changes and improvements to how we farm it costs money. This has to come out of the money we generate on the farm. There comes a time when improvements have to wait because we need all the money we have to plant crops and pay everyone who works here.
A member, Marie, was having dinner on the farm with us, and she was one of the five people who started the website BarnRaiser. She suggested we have our own project to get the breeder flock all it needed. Cameron, Lorraine’s son, is our project person here, and he has been working hard on this for the past six weeks. Jamie, a long time member in Bernal Heights, very kindly offered his services as film maker. The video is very cute and well done thanks to him. It takes a village. I may be the face and spokesperson for the farm, but so many people work so hard to make all this happen. A big thank you to you all. - Lorraine and Nigel