The grass is growing and the chickens are eating it fast. We are moving these houses twice per week to keep up with them. The sheep look like they will be back on the farm later this week as we have lots for them to eat. The ground is firm so their weight will not damage the soil structure.
If you see some white marks on your eggs it is extra calcium deposits. The balanced organic feed that we use in addition to the pasture, veg waste, wheat and whey has a standard amount of calcium in it year round. As the weather and condition of the girls changes throughout the year, so does their need for calcium hence the excess at the moment.
We have a flush of Romanesco which we took to the farmers market on Saturday. The size is good, not too big.  The heads can go from the size of a baseball to a football in just three days so we have to watch them very carefully. These would have been way too big for your boxes this week if we had left them in the field to pick now.