I planted 10 Seville orange trees because I like marmalade, made sense to me. Ever since they started producing five years ago our members have been enjoying the harvest too. Many of them send me a jar so I never need to make my own and get to enjoy so many recipes.  

Seville oranges are bitter, not for eating, just cooking into what is a quintessential English preserve. They are flat compared to regular navels or valencies   and have a delicious aroma. They can be ready any time from the end of January until March. 

Tomorrow they go on sale to Eatwell members through their own webstore. This Saturday is the marmalade party at the ferry plaza farmers market in San Francisco. We will be sending some along to the market. Next week they go on sale at good eggs too.  

Never made marmalade, it is work but there are some good recipes out there in Google land.