Our main fall transplanting season has ended. We have broccoli and cauliflower close to harvest in the next one to three weeks. Even so last week we planted all these crops for harvest in February and March. We have plantings at all stages in between on the farm. We have to have fresh crops for your box every week.  Many farmers not familiar with what we do see fields full of so many crops. We are picking from maybe 15%, another 15% are being mowed or cultivated and then there are the freshly planted beds or those waiting to be planted.

Some of you will have one of my favorite squash in your box, the Red Kuri, and others the Blue Kobocha. Both are meaty squash when compared to a creamy butternut. We aim to give you a variety of winter squash just like any other vegetable. If you have any suggestions for next year please let me know…. Nigel