We have carefully examined every aspect of the chicken operation such as making sure they have lots of fresh water, feed and misters to keep them cool during hot spells. We have made minor adjustments but nothing that would cry out as the reason why the new flocks are not laying. The girls that have been laying all spring and summer are going into a natural moult and lay fewer eggs. Our new girls should be taking over.  I have heard that other pasture raised operations are having reduced egg yields to varying degrees. At the present time belief is that the smoke from the fires caused a stress in the birds. They are jungle creatures, and if they smell smoke then survival is the base instinct not laying eggs. I am hoping that over the next few weeks production will increase dramatically as they get over this stress.

We have enough eggs for everyone this week but there may come a time when we have to cut deliveries. This will mean that those of you getting larger amounts of eggs each week will be credited and have less eggs to pick up. Please make sure that you check the sign in sheet every week to see how many eggs we have for you. If you are sending a significant other make sure they know the drill.