A few weeks back I mentioned in our Eatwell News email on a Friday that my family is in for a big transition. My husband, Christopher, is active duty Air Force and will be stationed in Honduras for a year starting in February. During that time, my daughter, Evelyn, and I will be living in Texas with my parents. Then in March of 2017 we’ll move to Aviano, Italy, the base where Christopher and I were first stationed. 

The move is bittersweet; we’re looking forward to future adventures and travel but will deeply miss the community and friends that we have here in California. While Christopher and I aren’t strangers to the heartache of moving, this will be the first time for Evelyn who was born in California and hasn’t lived anywhere else. We have a little over a month left here, and we’re battling the tears and fears associated with the move. I’ve found that Evelyn’s 5 year old fears are strikingly similar to my own: “Will I know anybody? Will I have friends? What will I eat? Who will I play with?”  These translate so seamlessly into my own fears: “Will anybody know me? Have I changed so much that I won’t fit in with my childhood friends? Where will I find local organic food? How will I ever find something that comes close to Eatwell?” 

I’m tearing up writing this, and I’m struggling to put into words how much Eatwell Farm and the community mean to me. While it’s not quite time for goodbyes, you’ll be hearing much less from me as Connie steps into the hot-seat as CSA manager. 

Much love,