Over the years I have heard from so many members that you had no idea we sell Salts or Drinks, or any of the other items you can add on as extras with your box.  On the flip side, a few of you have mentioned that we are constantly pushing our extras.  Hard to win either way.  But it is important for you, our CSA members, to know that we are constantly working on coming up with ways to make your lives better, and cooking and eating healthy easier.  

Sooooo, I wanted to mention that we currently offer, as add on extra items, frozen pastry dough and jars of biscuit mix.  Both use about 3/4’s of Eatwell Heirloom Whole Wheat Flour.  The Biscuit mix is wonderful to have around, because even I find that I will pop a batch into the oven, just because, the dry ingredients are measured and mixed for me.  You can also use the biscuit dough as a topping for pot pie.  Coming soon we hope to add Nigel’s Pizza Dough (frozen) to the line up!