By Tom Hirschfeld found on
Since we have Stir fry mix in the share this week, along with cabbage, spring onions, green garlic and spinach, you have lots of ingredients to play with here.  So rather than finding you a particular recipe here are the steps for creating your own.
1.) Stir-fries cook quickly so act like a scout and be prepared.  Cut all vegetables small enough that they’ll cook fast, and line up all ingredients next to the stove in the order they’ll go into the pan.  Always dilute soy sauce in a ratio of 1 to 1, when it hits the hot pan it will reduce gaining back its strength.  
2.)  Choose your noodle.  All noodles are good noodles as long as they’re long.  Cook them to al-dente and cool them - steep rice noodles instead of boiling them, which only takes about 10 minutes
3.) Cook the protein first, adding half the diluted soy after the protein has caramelized.  Remove the protein to a plate, wipe out the pan, and reheat it.  
4.) Sear the vegetables until tender.  Be sure to add the vegetables that take the longest to cook to the pan first.  Carrots, first, ginger and garlic last.  
5.) Combine everything in the pan and toss just till it’s warmed through, adding the remaining diluted soy sauce last.  
6.) Add the garnish - here, chives, and scallions -which in Asian food isn’t optional.  It’s an actual ingredient that needs to be added for flavor