When we first started hatching chicks from our breeding flock I cautioned Agustin not to be upset if our success was not high. There are so many factors involved not least that it is winter and the breeding flock is young.    

Thursday morning has turned into an abundance of chicks day. We always knew Agustin had a magic touch with the chickens.  He seems to be on a roll already after only three weeks of hatching eggs. Last night he told me there were many eggs that the chicks had already pecked holes in ready to break out in the night.  

The chicks born two weeks ago will be going outside into one of our chicken tractors in two more weeks. They are strong and growing well. We will combine two weeks of chicks together and treat them as one unit. We hope by week ten to sort out the males and females into two groups. Separating them will give the females a better chance at the food and we have the option of experimenting with the food we give them. As they will be joining the laying flock we want to give them the very best to set them up for a lifetime of laying great tasting eggs. With the males our goal is great tasting meat so the feed will be different. I am speaking with other farmers who work with these heritage birds to gain more knowledge. 


Proud father