Cancer has a reputation of clearing the decks of life's clutter and focusing everyone from the recipient of the 'gift'  to their loved ones and friends. I have always known how blessed I am even before my cancer diagnosis. I have spent my working life doing what I love and surrounded by amazing family and friends. Now, I am not saying the road has been smooth, I have scars from life too.

I consider myself a lucky man. Take for example last November when I did two weeks radiation at 7am at UCSF. I was given a spot early so I could get in before traffic and be home to continue working on the farm. Each morning while I was being treated they were setting up for the children. Seeing a three year old waiting with their mother broke my heart every single day. It still makes me tear up just thinking about it.

So when I am in UCSF and members who work here pop in to say hi I certainly feel taken care of. I know I am getting the very best care, and with advocates like you, how can I not feel loved? On my first hospitalization I was greeted by a long time member who said in no uncertain terms ' you have fed my family for the last ten years now it's my turn to take care of you '. Now if that is not community I do not what is. I do know it makes me cry three years later. - Nigel