As some of you might be aware avian flu is traveling down the pacific flyway. We are carefully watching our flock for any signs. Over the new year we found a dead coot near near the farmhouse. I immediately took it to UC Davis where after 8 days they pronounced us all clear.   On finding this dead coot we swung into our highest bio security state which meant that all the chickens were housed and not let out. As you can imagine the girls were most unhappy. The egg production dropped dramatically and we have been having some quality issues too. This is understandable considering the stress involved. If you find any eggs that are not up to scratch please let us know and we will be very happy to replace and or credit you. 

As soon as UC Davis gave us the all clear we let the girls out which made them and us very happy. We continue to maintain our vigilance to keep our blocks and those of other California eggs producers healthy. We are working closely with our agricultural commissioner in Solano county.