Kelly, Cole, and their loving pup, Marley, who loves to eat Eatwell Farm carrots and orange slices.

Kelly, Cole, and their loving pup, Marley, who loves to eat Eatwell Farm carrots and orange slices.

Our Eatwell box is one of the major highlights of the week and after 3 years, that hasn’t changed. We actually subscribed to the CSA, our first one, from a Virgin America flight probably somewhere over Colorado. Our seats were luckily changed and we had the pleasure of sitting next to a gentleman named Scotlund, and little did he know, but he would change our future. Anyways, he is an animal rights activist and we began chatting, which turned into a 6 hour conversation. His stories, pictures and passion for animals and the health of both himself and the planet resonated with us and before we even landed, I had jumped online, read all of the local CSA reviews and subscribed to Eatwell.

The first box we received was beautiful and we were bragging and posting pictures about it weekly to our family and friends - it was official after the first week, we were totally addicted! My husband and myself research, we research a lot… It wasn’t long after we began reading the Eatwell newsletters and thinking about the things Scotlund told us before we realized we had a lot more overhauling to do. Probably 1000’s of documentaries, youtube videos and articles later we have changed nearly everything from the food we consume and products we use, right down to the shows we watch (or don’t watch…). I think what Eatwell did for us was open our eyes to the huge agricultural problems that this country and the entire world are facing (which led into about a million other things, but that would get a little long winded). It set us down a path of no return, but we couldn’t be happier - or healthier!

In 3 years I have had only one broken egg, and this no exaggeration - zero bad produce. How is that even possible?!?! Every piece of fruit and every single vegetable are always flavorful and delicious. Our understanding of strawberries will never be the same and we literally tell everyone we meet about our CSA and it’s amazingness.

About a year after we ordered our first box, my then boyfriend and myself got engaged and decided to have our wedding in Mexico. Our entire family lives in Virginia so we wanted to choose a destination everyone would enjoy. Since many of the guests had never visited San Francisco, we wanted to bring some of our home for them to enjoy, we decided to ‘number’ the tables with our favorite things about living in the city and yes, Eatwell CSA was absolutely one of them :)

Thank you to everyone at the farm for all of the amazing and difficult work you do. I’m sure there are countless other that feel the same way, but you truly have a special place in our lives and have literally played a huge role in changing us in terms of health and interpersonally for the best.

Best wishes and keep up the great work,
— Kelly & Cole Flournoy