All the organic wheat produced in the US is sold out, the wheat we are feeding to our chickens is now coming from Canada. So as a responsible farmer I have been looking around for local sources. I found some transitional wheat grown by a young farmer, great I thought. So I look up the variety and it is owned by a company called Westbred who is owned by Monsanto. No! The great folks at Monsanto were the ones found to have illegally planted gmo wheat in Oregon causing cancelled export orders for many farmers.  

I then checked all the other varieties of hard red wheat listed for planting in our area. All but three of 22 are owned by the three bad boys of GMO seeds, Dow, Syngenta and Monsanto. 

What are we to do? We can buy this wheat and insist we pick the variety for next year. I really want to buy local and support a young farmer who is not only taking over a family farm but turning it organic. the last thing I want is to support Monsanto. We could have the wheat tested to make sure it is not GMO. 

I need you help on this one. Am I the only organic farmer asking these questions about where their feed is coming from and who owns the seed?




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