Thoughts on Costco organic eggs

The last time I checked organic eggs at Costco were less than $6 a dozen. I am often asked why ours are so much more ($8 with your membership). My reply is always why are they so cheap? Yes they use organic feed like we do and no antibiotics etc. All good stuff. This is just about everything we have in common.  Their chickens live in the same barns as the regular cage free eggs which means there are 25,000 plus in each house. They live in a totally controlled environment relating to heat and light. They are required to have access to the outside but few if any take advantage of this.

This is what we call replacement organic farming. The chemically produced GMO feed is replaced with organic feed. That's it. Pretty much nothing else. That is just not good enough any more. Firstly factory farms have no place in organic agriculture, and we can do so much better. The waste from chicken farms needs to stay on the farm and fertilize all the other crops grown. The girls need to eat so much more diverse feed than just corn, soybeans and wheat. Our girls get to enjoy a wide variety of foods including pasture, vegetable trimmings, organic whey and cheese. Did I mention fresh air? The doors on our mobile chicken houses are only ever closed when the ladies are moved from one side of the farm to the other. So far during daytime I have never managed to count more than 15% of our flock inside the house at any one time. They have always been outside. They are jungle creatures who spend their days scratching in and around the pasture.

Eggs are great food, and once children eat these eggs from our girls they can consume a lot. All I say is what a great way to feed your off spring! Some of you have heard me tell the story about the early days with the chickens when during the winter I had to ration everyone to 6 eggs with their box. One very long time wonderful customer called me on her cell phone on the way to Tahoe on a Friday late afternoon. She was upset that she did not get her usual 4 dozen for her kids. She said "so what are you going to do about her children's brain development without these eggs". Lucky for me the production drop was only temporary. The nutrition in pasture raised eggs is incredible.

If you have never had our eggs please email Emily and she will arrange to have a sample with your next box. Once you have tried them you will be hooked. The next time you are on the farm come commune with them and visit our hatching and baby chicks too.