We love to hear what members are doing with their Eatwell Farm produce. CSA member Stephanie emailed us about the Sauerkraut Party she had with her family and CSA member Amelia's family.

Hi there,

Thanks to Emily and Eatwell Farm we had a wonderful saurkraut party! I have included some pics. We used Sandor Katz’s simple kraut recipes with cabbage, salt +caraway seed. And also the El Salvador recipe for Curtido- cabbage with carrots, oregano and chili flakes for my friend’s father from El Salvador (he is 96 years old and so delighted to try his favorite again!)
We also referenced Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook for recipes and background info about the history of kraut. Captain Cook used to feed saurkraut to his crew to fight off scurvy- it would last up to 27 months on the boat during their sea journeys.
Photos include- my mother, Shirley Seatris, sister Julia Schaber and myself Stephanie Schaber. Behind the scenes was fellow Eatwell member Amelia Romero and her mother Ginny Romero.

Thanks again!
— Stephanie Schaber