Ulfat sent this photo of her chrysanthemum greens brightening up her room until she cooks them. 

Ulfat sent this photo of her chrysanthemum greens brightening up her room until she cooks them. 

Sometimes I'm surprised by a bonus item that is picked and packed into the box at the last minute, and that's definitely the case with these "mystery greens with yellow flowers." I received a half dozen emails with inquiries about the greens on Wednesday, some with cheery photos (who doesn't love cheery photos?!) 

This sunny surprise is a bunch off chrysanthemum greens, which are packed full of vitamins, carotene, multi-amino acids and coarse fiber.

Since our recipe guru, Lorraine, was out all week, and I was rushing to prepare for wisdom tooth removal surgery and being away from the farm the rest of the week, I had no time to research recipes featuring the greens. Luckily, some of our CSA members sent in their favorite recipes for chrysanthemum greens which I've linked below.  

Today, I needed something savory and soft after my wisdom tooth surgery, so I whipped up one of my favorite recipes created by Lorraine, Creamy Turnip Soup. I sauteed some chrysanthemum greens with the spring garlic, spring onions, turnips and some fresh sage leaves from the box, added some chicken stock and then pureed it all. The chrysanthemum greens gave it such a mustardy greeny/dilly zing and beautiful light green hue. Just what I needed to eat today!

Here's what our CSA members have been writing about the Chrysanthemum greens:

Here’s a fun recipe for chrysanthemum that I like to use! I always adjust for my tastebuds, but the basic recipe is DEELISH!


— Molly
The edible chrysanthemum is popular in Korean food, so searching for recipes with ssukgat got me more hits, at least on Pinterest. Here’s two good links.


The first recipe is a fish stew, the second just blanched and dressed with doengjang (Korean version of miso) but has some other suggestions for common uses, like Korean style pancakes (jeon) or in Japanese udon soup.

Thanks for the pretty flowers and opportunity to try something new!
— Julia Barber

What are YOU making with your Chrysanthemum Greens?

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