We get our growing season water via a canal in front of the farm that is fed from Lake Berryessa. When we bought this farm in 1998 some of my organic farmer friends in the Capay Valley were saying that we were paying too much for this farm. We bought really good soil but also a well and a reliable source of water. We have no restrictions on our water, and tragically many in the Capay Valley can get little water if any from Cashe Creek that is fed from Clear Lake and Indian River Reservoir. Farmers need water to grow food, and it does take quite some amount to grow all the food we produce. Many of us use drop irrigation and other ways that help us reduce the volume that we use. We are part way through a project that would eliminate any sprinkler irrigation during the day. This would save us about 30% of our water. To finish the project we estimate we need another $100,000. No small sum to find from our operating profit. Last year were were able to complete two small parts of this which together cost $10,000. We are hoping this can be completed within five years. Just saying that farmers should save water is a little more complicated than it first appears.