We had some taste testers on the farm Thursday roaming through the strawberry fields doing quality control, and the overwhelming consensus was, "Yummmmm! BERRIEEEEEEES!" (Ok, the quality control experts ranged from 14 months to 9 years, but they all agree that the strawberries are right on track.)  

The kids were given the task of finding juicy, ripe red strawberries and set loose to wander with their buckets. I called them in 30 minutes later to find buckets filled to the brim (and jacket hoods too), berry stained fingers, cheeks and knees, and smiles on every single face. And wouldn't you know that it took at least 10 minutes for the kids to make it back to me? They kept getting distracted by strawberries begging to be placed in buckets and popped into mouths. 

Bellies full, we walked back to the front of the farm to visit chicks born that same morning. Kids and baby chicks. What a mix! They each held a newly hatched chick in cupped palms, and despite knowing better, my own 4.5 year old daughter, Evelyn, couldn't resist the temptation to rub one against her cheek and kiss its head.  

A final visit with the two Guernsey cows and the Belgian draft horse rounded out an afternoon of fun on the farm, and luckily there were plenty of strawberries for snacking on the ride home. 

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