The strawberry crop is ahead of the 'normal' year by about two weeks. These first berries may look great but we are never excited about the flavor until May. We have changed from the green plastic mesh boxes to the plastic clam shells after extensive tests last year, and the berries lasted so much longer in the clams. I know it is a lot of plastic, and believe me they are so much more expensive also but no one wants mushy berries in their harvest share. Please return these clam shell containers to us. Give them a rinse and put them inside the egg cooler when you pick up your box. Let’s see if we can reuse them. They are recyclable also.

Please come out to the farm in May to one of our Strawberry Days. They are so much fun and a great opportunity for us all to meet and see what we do here on the farm. Please bring your friends and neighbors as we need to spread the word and the great produce too.

UPDATE: It’s raining as we write this, which might mean no strawberries in your box today. It all depends upon whether there is a long enough break from the rain to pick the berries. If they’re wet and we handle them, they’ll surely rot in the containers. So, if there aren’t berries in your box, it was too wet to pick them.