Let’s face it, they are a bit of work.  But if you put the time into them the result is a special treat with subtle flavor and most certainly out of the ordinary.  Favas and New Potatoes pair so nicely and spring just brings them together for us so naturally!  Shell the favas, and if you want to remove the outer skin of the bean you can blanch them in boiling water for a minute or two, drain, rinse with cold water and the skin should pop off between your fingers quite easily.  These favas are still pretty young, so chances are you won’t need to do that.  With the potatoes, clean them well (I soak them in water for a few minutes and then gently wash the dirt away).  They are delicious roasted in the oven or steamed.  Combine the potatoes and favas, drizzle with some olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  I really enjoy these subtle flavors with a very simple poached or pan cooked white fish, like petrale sole, with some butter and a little lemon, salt and pepper.  With ingredients this fresh, I really enjoy not covering them up with lots of extra seasonings, and I find I enjoy the seasonality of certain foods even more this way.