Dear Eatwell Crew,

Today I picked up my last Eatwell box, and I realized that I never thanked you for the past three years of fantastic produce. When I decided to join a CSA as a sophomore in college, I had no idea that it would change my life. I learned to cook using the fresh fruits and vegetables from the box, many of which I had never even heard of before. I learned about seasonality. I tasted the difference between rainbow-colored Eatwell tomatoes in August and supermarket tomatoes in December. I shared my box with six different roommates, two boyfriends, and countless friends. Every week I looked forward to the short walk I would take Thursday afternoons from my apartment to the pickup site. Even with the emails letting me know what would be in the box, I still got so excited to actually see the food – and there would always be some surprises. I would walk home full of energy, trying to think of the best ways to cook everything. Being a member of Eatwell has changed the way I think about food, and made me a much better cook. I will miss it very much.
— Sascha Bos