Picking stone fruit at just the right stage of ripeness can be tricky. Add the fact that we grow so many varieties each with their own special needs. Ideally we pick it just ripe enough so that when you open your box it has survived the journey and tastes great. Some varieties ripen very fast once we pick them, others very slowly. So this is how we can mess up and you get either under ripe or over ripe fruit.
Over the years I have always said we dare to pick our fruit ripe. So much of what you buy in the store has not developed any great flavor before it enters the long journey to the store. The apricots today are in the clams we use for strawberries. I really do not like using so much plastic but it does protect them, the plastic is recyclable. The papers bags seem to accelerate ripening and allow the fruit to be damaged by other produce in the box.
If fruit ever arrives in bad condition please let us know by filling out the box problems form, and we will replace it.