Eatwell Farmhouse Kitchen

How much of each item you use really depends on how much salad you want to make.  This is an easy dish to customize to your personal taste, for instance if you want less starch use fewer potatoes, or if you love the potatoes and want this dish to be more filling use more potatoes.  If you love green beans use more of those.  I laid my salad out on a a rectangular platter and put the vegetables out individually, so we could choose what and how much of each item we wanted on our plates.  I served this with a freshly made Aioli, recipe follows.  And for the tuna I used smoked albacore from Cap’N Mikes, which is absolutely delicious!

Green Beans
2 or 3 Zucchini, cut into rounds
Olive Oil
Hard Boiled Eggs, sliced

Wash the potatoes, leave the small ones whole, halve or quarter larger ones.
Gently steam the until tender.  Tip the green beans, cut in half, and steam until just the point of them turning tender but still a bit crunchy.  Put into an ice bath to stop the cooking, then drain and pat dry with a paper towel.  Sauté the summer squash in a bit of oil, and cook until tender.  You can mix everything together with a handful or more of nicoise olives, and however much tuna you like, OR put everything individually on a platter.  Serve with Aioli.