Agustin is spending a large part of his day making these moveable house for our new flock of black austrolorps. They move from the brooder house into these at two or three weeks old. With all the chicks we are hatching I have calculated we will need forty. They cost us $200 in materials each, and it takes Agustin about six hours to make one. This one is number five and we have to make some modifications as some chicks have managed to get out. They can be moved by one person once the wheels are attached. Depending on how many and how old the chicks are they get moved every one to three days. This gives them fresh grass and bugs to eat plus it spread their manure nicely through the orchard. We are hatching about 130 chicks per week, half of which are males that we will process in great whole chickens for you to enjoy once they reach 6lb live weight. This should start within the next few weeks. More details to follow.