I have not grown this crop for several years now as my neighbors all planted gmo corn which would contaminate our crop. This year the price of corn is low so they all planted other crops. Back in April we sowed ten beds with three varieties. Each one should mature a week apart. Corn needs to be planted in blocks to ensure good wind pollination of the kernels. The rows are 600 feet long so we switched varieties every 200 feet to give us three blocks 200 feet long by ten beds wide. 

We picked corn with everyone who came to the Sunday Supper and were able to enjoy the freshest corn possible as Lorraine cooked it when we came in from our tour. This last variety does have a much higher percentage of corn eat worms than the previous two. We could spray every three days. As many of you know I do not like spraying so we protect our natural predators and parasites (the good guys and gals). Even organic sprays can kill our natural helpers. Just cut the end off where they have nibbled. They are a bonus item in the box.