Wow, this looks delicious. The picture was sent to us by long time members Jill and Stephen.  

Bruce was laid, hatched and raised on pasture at Eatwell Farm. Nothing more local than that. The genetics for the Cornish cross ( think $5 costco) and the freedom ranger are owned by a multi national corporation, based in the same place 'freedom fries' come from.  

Bruce is the fruition of our 1st Year of selecting from our breeding flock of Black austrolorps This breed comes from Australia via Orpington Kent many years ago. Hence the males are all called Bruce and the Sheila's are all Sheila's. Monty Python devotees will understand this. 

The females join our laying flock at 20 weeks of age and the males turn into delicious dishes as seen here.  

Cut up and brown the chicken

carmalise onions

add lunchbox peppers and seared peaches

add some stock salt and pepper

roast at 350 until tender in an oven

( Jill and Stephen used a Dutch oven) 

check the inner temperature at 30 to 45 minutes. These guys need a little longer than your regular F37 hybrid mutant bird from the store.  

I will have a few frozen Bruce's at the Ferry Plaza tomorrow.  


Bruce from Eatwell Farm

Bruce from Eatwell Farm