So it's back to school time and a good lunch is so important. These peppers are much loved by our younger members as they are sweet and have very few seeds. They are not liked by Ken from Magnum Seeds. He complains that there are so few seeds. If seeds are what you sell, these peppers are not much fun or profitable. We have to buy the seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Maine who charged us handsomely and did not give us the correct mix. 

As an organic farmer I have to buy organic seed if available. The seed is only available as a mix organically. Next year I will buy the untreated non organic single varieties and mix them myself. These peppers grow wonderfully well here producing lots of leaf to shade the fruit from the sun. We rarely get sunburnt fruit. 

I have to admit to eating this crop raw most of the time. Lorraine did make a delicious rice dish with them and our chicken stock last week.