I am often asked why do our eggs taste so good, what do I do?  I have always thought that good food, fresh air, adequate shelter and fresh water was a great recipe for us as well as chickens. This week we hope to replace all the drinking nipples, yes that is what they are called. We have had a few start dripping which can make a mess in the houses. Agustin and I were trying to figure out what to do when it occurred to us that some of these are 8 years old. He is now counting how many we need so that I can order replacements for all of them on the farm. Each house has a pipe with nipples every 8" inside and under the whole length of each of our six chicken palaces.

How they work; a drop of water holds on to the metal rod until the chicken touches it, releasing it for another to form. This means they have fresh water all the time.