Below is a photo of lavender plants which we transplanted last fall. They are growing in our alley cropping beds where trees will begin to be planted this fall and winter. Ramon is mowing them at about 8" height. This is the easiest way we have found to encourage them to branch out and form a wider, bigger plant. If not, the plant starts to get tall and can open up and reduce the number of years that we can pick the wonderful flowers. I am often asked how we grow our lavender and I reply 'tough love'. So many, including myself in the early days, do not prune lavender hard enough. They end up with large open plants which look ugly and cannot be rejuvenated. Pull them out and start again is my reply when they describe this situation. The pain on people's faces is dramatic. The work you do taking care of lavender in the very first part of its life is very important, like raising children.